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FAROLIVA SL, has been a specialised company in the manufacturing, distribution and marketing of olives and pickles for over half a century.

Traditional taste and craftsmanship in the elaboration of our product are two vital characteristics which define our dedication best. Additionally, these factors have turned a family based company like FAROLIVA, SL into a benchmark in the field. Not only at domestic level, since our excellence of products has gone beyond national borders, reaching more than forty countries worldwide. In this regard, our products are sold in countries like Canada, the US, Russia, Japan, the Philippines and the Far East. This fact shows the wide range of geographical locations where our company develops its activity.

FAROLIVA, SL is a family company whose secret lies in the selection of the finest raw materials and the use of the purest traditional techniques in the elaboration of every single product. In terms of facilities, FAROLIVA, SL covers an industrial area of over 25.000 square metres.

During the first stages of the company, the brand image was “La Novia del Sol” (The bride of the Sun), which would derive in “El Faro” (The Lighthouse). Eventually, “La Famosa” (The Famous) and “El Pícaro” (The Rascal), being the latter the image that currently represents the company and the emblem by which FAROLIVA, SL is recognised worldwide.

As for the product, anchovy stuffed olives was the first to be marketed by the company. Immediately, we became pioneers nationwide in the elaboration of quality products still unknown in the market at the time. We are therefore credited to have introduced the taste. In this sense, anchovy flavoured bone olives were the result of this initiative with unprecedented results and the warmest of welcome by our clients.

Our wide offer is shaped by more than 500 products. Almost 400 belong to the brand “El Faro”, available in diverse formats and sizes and divided into three ranges: “El Faro tradicional”, “El Faro Gourmet” and “El Faro Ecológico” (organic range).

This wide variety shows the concern of our specialists in the search for new flavours and combinations, always respecting the standards of quality. Nowadays, FAROLIVA SL, has a capacity of pitting and stuffing over 5 million Kilograms per year as well as a volume of packaging of more than 10 million Kilograms every year.

In other words, the company is able to provide an offer that continues to grow steadily and meet the demand and necessities of our customers who trust our wisdom, enthusiasm and also, the guarantee and effort we dedicate in the elaboration of our handcrafted products.