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Faroliva SL is synonym of tradition, real taste, quality and innovation.

The experience we have gained over the last five decades has made of FAROLIVA, SL a company of reference in the manufacturing, distribution and marketing of olives and pickles.

However, what is the secret of that denomination? Those who know our wide offer will find the answer easily; own taste, resulting from ancestral elaboration processes. This taste has been our signature over the years in spite of the introduction and use of most advanced technologies in the field.

The first step to ensure that traditional taste, particular to each and every delicacy manufactured by FAROLIVA, SL is the provision of best quality and natural raw materials. How is this made? Through the constant effort made by our specialists who carry out a careful selection of the product, and always after the exhaustive control of the crops throughout the year.

Once this work is done, FAROLIVA, SL experts in the care of the fruit proceed with further treatments and selection of the ingredients to be used, exclusively under natural processes, until the product is finally packed. Our capacity in this last stage of the process is over 10 million Kilograms per year.

This premise does not exclude innovation. Our R + D Department are constantly working on the search of new tastes. These are captured in a wide range of unique specialties in the market. More than 300 products conform the catalogue of “El Faro” (the Lighthouse), flagship of the company, and available in diverse sizes and formats.

Therefore, we select natural ingredients, we carry out a purely handmade selection and we achieve the perfect combination using innovative developments which provide our products with traditional taste, the “original”.

For 50 years, the company has expanded its variety of business nationwide until year 2000, time when our presence in foreign markets began to consolidate. Nowadays, we are present in more than 40 countries spread out in all five continents.

If you want to enjoy the most traditional of tastes, try and trust FAROLIVA, SL. We put our heart and soul alongside the wisdom of our technicians into every step we take to offer top guarantee and qualities in all our products.